Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: Do you charge high interest rates?

A: No, we charge 15% per month on the principal, which is quite reasonable given the costs of offering these loans.

Q: What's the maximum loan value?

A: The lesser of $500 and 20% of your monthly gross income.

Q: What are my cancellation rights?

A: You have the right to cancel without penalty any time in the first 2 days.

Q: How do I get a reloan?

A: Open up the screen capture program and follow the directions on the screen. That's all you have to do.

Q: Is there any rule about how long to wait between loans?

A: Not between loans, but on your fourth loan we will give you a payment plan of 4 equal installments.

Q: Is bad credit a crippling liability for me?

A: Not at all, many of our customers come to us specifically because they have bad credit.